JchartUpdates - Why?

  • Who are the current long term momentum leaders and laggers?
  • How does a stock’s momentum compare to other stocks?
  • Is momentum getting stronger or weaker?
  • Which stocks and sectors are breaking out right now?

JchartUpdates answers these questions in a simple, focused and logical top down bottom up approach.

There are several places to run stock screens on the Internet. It’s easy to get lost is a sea of options, complexity and distractions. Stock screens give unidimensional snapshots in time without relative rankings or historical context.

JchartUpdates provides multidimensional relationships between long term momentum and short to intermediate term breakouts. It brings together current and historical information in a simple and easy to follow work flow. By taking an opinionated approach to defining momentum and breakouts, we can to zero in on answers and not the waste time on the process.

JchartUpdates - About

JchartUpdates is a momentum based stock market service that focuses exclusively on the S&P500 index components. Our goal is to provide information in a simple and intuitive format to investors, researchers and interested parties to gain insights into current and historical market momentum leaders, laggers, breakouts, and sector movements.


Momentum is calculated and ranked using Exponential Regression for each stock and for each day over a 90 day period. Rankings range from 1 to 500 for trend strength and consistency. 1 is the top rank and 500 is the bottom rank.


Breakouts are flagged daily using our Early Trend ID system. All market momentum leaders have first been flagged by the Early Trend ID system.

  • View breakouts by date.
  • See what other stocks that broke out which are in the same sector.
  • Compare rankings of a stock which broke out, to its sector.

What we provide

  • Momentum rankings for all S&P500 stocks updated daily
  • Daily breakouts
  • Overall market classification for the S&P500 index using the Levels Classification System.
  • Downloadable stock lists
  • Weekly analysis of the Top 20 Ranked Momentum Stocks
  • Insights into sector moves and industry group rotation
  • JchartUpdates Youtube Channel
  • Daily alerts

Questions we help answer

  • What trends are happening right now?
  • Who are the current market leaders?
  • What sectors are they in?
  • When did they first break out?
  • What other stocks broke out at the same time?
  • How did they rank vs other stocks at the time of breakout?
  • Did other stocks in the same sector break out at the same time?
  • What dates did a stock break out and what was its ranking at the time?
  • Who are the next potential leaders?
  • Which stocks and sectors are currently breaking out?
  • What sectors are they in?
  • What are the weakest stocks and sectors?
  • Which stocks are getting weaker compared to other stocks?
  • Which stocks are getting stronger based on momentum rankings?
  • What is the historical ranking trend of a stock?
  • etc..